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7 reasons to do IT asset management audits

It’s a fact that our work these days relies on our computer equipment almost more than it does on our ability to do the job. We need to ensure that our hardware is in good condition and can continue performing the tasks we ask of it – with databases and lists of equipment spiralling out of control, booking IT asset management audits is an absolute must. While audits can be carried out using software, physical audits can provide a more comprehensive overview of the hardware you have on-site.


  1. Discover hidden and presumed-lost equipment 


You might think you have more IT equipment than you actually do if it gets moved around your organisation and is lost track of – an audit can expose these shortages.


  1. Postpone the need to buy new equipment


Conversely, you might discover that you actually have extra equipment that you weren’t aware of, this is one of the benefits of IT network discovery tools. These pieces can be reallocated to areas of the business which need them, meaning that you can save money by not having to make any unnecessary purchases in the future.


  1. Stay up-to-date


An audit can help you to distinguish any limitations that your current equipment might have when you assess the functions it’s supposed to be able to perform, allowing you to upgrade it if it doesn’t meet the industry standard.


  1. Improve work levels and overall productivity


You can improve your productivity, at least in the short-term, by knowing exactly what you have and where it is in your building thanks to the audit. Who wants to spend their time hunting for that one computer you need when it turns out that it doesn’t even exist?


  1. Don’t be a law-breaker


When it comes to portable appliance testing (PAT), you need to know that all of your equipment is safe to use or you’ll face a penalty fine – the audit will give you a much clearer idea of what needs to go and what can stay without blowing up in the face of whoever’s using it.


  1. Hire the experts


Although it sounds like a physical audit will take an age to complete, the fact is that the employees that conduct them are experienced and trained, probably more so than any in-house employees you might consider giving the job to. They’ll be in and out with a full report before you know it.


  1. Plan for the future


Ultimately, when you know which equipment you have and how much of it there is, you can begin to plan for the future more accurately and ensure that you save money on any future, potentially unnecessary purchases.


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