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Russia-Ukraine war live: Zelenskiy vows to defend Bakhmut; China says Russia ties will go from ‘strength to strength’

Ukraine president’s comments come as analysts suggest Ukrainian forces are carrying out a ‘limited fighting withdrawal’; Chinese foreign minister says Moscow and Beijing will be a ‘a driving force’ for the world

  • Ukrainian leaders agree to continue Bakhmut defence as casualties mount

Ukraine’s ongoing defence of the besieged city of Bakhmut is forcing Russian to engage in a costly battle for a city that “isn’t intrinsically important operationally or strategically”, according to the Institute of Study of War (ISW).

In its latest update released on Tuesday the ISW has become “strategically significant [for Ukraine] due to the current composition of Russian forces there.”

The opportunity to damage the Wagner Group’s elite elements, along with other elite units if they are committed, in a defensive urban warfare setting where the attrition gradient strongly favors Ukraine is an attractive one.

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