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Biden and Harris release first public schedule as they begin transition – US election live

  • Joe Biden wins US election after four tumultuous years of Trump
  • President-elect says ‘This is the time to heal’ in victory speech
  • Trump refuses to concede defeat as recriminations begin
  • How do you feel? Share your reaction to the US election
  • Biden’s win marks the end of Trump’s war on democracy and truth
  • Trump v Biden – full 2020 results as they come in

Donald Trump was a unique American president. He was the only one to be impeached, fail to win re-election AND lose the popular vote – TWICE.

This Venn diagram captures Trump’s historic uniqueness:

The definitive Venn Diagram of troubled presidencies. pic.twitter.com/LehTdpjQsu

This tedious repetition of the patently false accusation of voter fraud by the peculiar shirt-tucker Rudy Giuliani, who will say literally anything to sustain the next Trump grift which is coming as sure as the sunrise, bears mentioning only because of how long is his list of the states where they got beaten.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada – oh don’t forget Arizona, that was bad, and Maine, that district in Nebraska …

The Biden selection by the Crooked Media is based on unlawful votes in PA, Mich, GA, Wisc, Nevada et al.

We will prove it all.

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