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Eggplant makes software development accessible for non-technical users

Eggplant, the intelligent automation specialist, today announced updates to its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Platform that extend the empowerment of both technical and non-technical users to rapidly release high-quality and high-performance digital products.

Organizations are now dependent on their ability to rapidly deliver and optimize digital products that delight users and scale to the demands of the networked marketplace. With the pivot to digital, citizen developers and business users are becoming increasingly involved in the development, testing and release of digital products.

Eggplant’s DAI Platform uses revolutionary techniques of low code modelling and AI-assisted test creation, to increase the level of automation, and to improve and simplify the user experience of testing and releasing digital products. Eggplant enables both technical and business users to drive the creation of test automation that can test functionality, performance, load and usability, all through the lens of user experience. And it can do this across complex processes, across any target platform – including mobile, desktop, web, mainframe, IoT or custom hardware.

The DAI Platform is the only software testing solution to automate every aspect of the testing lifecycle through AI, machine learning, deep learning and analytics. Eggplant improves business performance in releasing and maintaining digital products, delivering significant time-to-market improvements, while significantly reducing cost, skills and resource requirements.

New additions to Eggplant’s DAI Platform include:

  • Guided onboarding: The interface now helps users through each step of the automation, making it easier and quicker to get up and running.
  • Proactive test asset maintenance: The automation not only identifies issues with test assets but now suggests a solution to update it. Users have the flexibility to fully automate the maintenance of assets or to review suggestions that are presented in a report.
  • System health status: This snapshot provides an overview of each element making it easy to see at a glance any areas requiring attention.

Gareth Smith, CTO Eggplant, explains:

“For digital transformation to be realized, software development needs to be more accessible to more people. With Eggplant, citizen developers and business users can tap into our AI-powered platform to easily automate the entire testing life cycle. The ability to integrate with DevOps at speed and continually meet customer experience requirements is mission-critical in our digitally dependent world.”

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