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Starmer urges Sunak to ‘show leadership’ over privileges committee report on Boris Johnson – UK politics live

Labour leader says PM should ‘show us where he stands’ ahead of vote on report into partygate

Readers have been asking about the vote in the Commons later on the privileges committee reporter. Several people have raised this question, or versions of it.

If the Conservatives are trying to push through the report with a nod, could of the opposition parties interject to cause a division and force reluctant MPs to vote? Is there any precedent for an opposition to a motion you support, just to force a vote to embarrass another party?

I wonder if you could write a few words on what is/are (if any) the downside(s) of the Partygate motion going through on the nod? I’m sure I heard there are some, but can’t recall what!

Yes. I think that what Rishi Sunak did was wrong.

There are other opportunities [to reward people] but Tony Blair didn’t have a resignation list. It is very hard to justify.

If it was reserved for people who had given incredible service – perhaps picking out people who had been involved in the development of the vaccine or some other real element of public service – but it is very hard to see how it is justified.

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