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Keir Starmer says Labour would give local authorities power to allow more building on green belt – UK politics live

Keir Starmer says his party are planning a building spree and are willing to relax planning restrictions to enable it

Jeremy Hunt, the chancellor, has said that the government will prioritise bringing down inflation over cutting taxes. In his speech to the British Chambers of Commerce conference, he said:

What I would say to people worried about levels of taxation is: I agree with that, we have to get our taxes down, particularly our business taxes down.

But the worst tax of all is inflation, because inflation is tax which you get nothing back for in return.

There’s nothing automatic about bringing down inflation. There’s a plan, we are going to stick to it.

The Bank of England has a role through monetary policy and interest rates, we support them 150% with that.

We need to have that discussion [about building on the green belt]. But it cannot be reduced to a simple discussion of will you or will you not build on the green belt. This is why it’s important for local areas to have the power to decide where housing is going to be.

Very often the objections that people have to housebuilding on the green belt are valid because the control by landowners and developers mean that the houses are proposed in areas where it’s quite obvious that there’s going to be a local concern.

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