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Labour says Starmer’s ‘immigration dependency’ comment does not mean policy is the same as the Tories’ – UK politics live

Latest updates: Keir Starmer to speak to CBI as party repositions itself over immigrant workers

In its overnight press release about Keir Starmer’s speech, Labour identifies four changes it would make to the current rules that allow some foreigners to get work visas. It says it would

Reform and strengthen how the migration advisory committee works so that it has better information, connects across government departments on labour shortages and skills shortages, and projects future trends.

Tackle visa processes and timing so it works of employers and employees, avoiding labour shortages that hurt the economy.

But I want to be clear here: with my Labour government any movement in our point-based migration system, whether via the skilled occupation route, or the shortage worker list, will come with new conditions for business.

We will expect you to bring forward a clear plan for higher skills and more training, for better pay and conditions, for investment in new technology.

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