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AI tool developed to predict, monitor and test health and safety of workforce

An AI employee health data management tool has been developed to help employers predict, monitor and test the health and safety of their workforce.

Created by Delfin Health and DocHQ, Klarity combines AI-driven1 health and Covid-19 risk assessments – based on the latest clinical data and guidance for all major chronic diseases – along with daily symptom checking and a proprietary testing process. It also gives employees the power to take control of their own health information.

The comprehensive solution will help organisations continually address their employees’ anxieties associated with returning to a safe work environment. It offers a personal risk assessment using explainable AI to determine the severity of Covid-19 for each employee. It also offers accurate and ongoing testing to assess their Covid-19 status, and continuous surveillance and symptom checking to inform and reassure employees.

“The priority for employers is to provide safety and peace of mind for their staff as they implement their return to work strategies,” says Will Cooper, Founder and CEO at Delfin Health. “As a fully managed Covid-19 solution, Klarity can help employers achieve just that, while helping them to mitigate any potential employer liability risks long-term. The various testing methodologies, which include group and randomised testing, allow employers to reduce the amount of testing required and minimise the risk of an outbreak in the currently active workforce, in particular by identifying asymptomatic cases which are thought to play a significant role in the transmission of the disease.”

The testing process is guided by healthcare professionals who also interpret the results based on World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols and third party validation including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and, where relevant, rapid antibody tests. Clinicians can carry out testing, verify and upload results, as well as organise further follow-up consultations as required.

Crucially, Klarity has been designed to protect the privacy of employees by putting them in control of the personal health information they are willing to share. It uses a highly secure infrastructure with multiple layers of encryption and distributed storage, and data can only be shared through the use of smart contracts using blockchain technology. Employees can only access the platform by authenticating themselves through identity verification.

Will continues: “Klarity has been built with both employers and employees in mind. While it gives employers a simple overview of each employee’s health status and actionable insights, it also allows employees to only share relevant data with the clinician or employer. All other information they choose to provide is for their own personal health benefit. Ultimately, the solution addresses the need for employers to balance public health with data privacy and to adhere to government guidance and ICO recommendations as well as the GDPR and broader data protection regulations.”

For more information on Klarity, visit https://getklarity.io/

1 The algorithm in Klarity has been developed using UK Biobank, which holds detailed health and lifestyle data of over 500,000 participants. What’s more, it uses XG Boost, an explainable machine learning model which enables the platform to show how scores are derived and therefore recommend how to improve risk predictions and employee health.

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