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Biden expected to respond to Putin’s nuclear threat in UN address – live

  • Biden’s speech will be closely watched for signs of how the Western allies intend to respond to Putin’s latest gambit
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In other Trump news, the Associated Press reports that the special master demanded by the former president’s lawyers had little time for their evasiveness over whether the classified materials found at Mar-a-Lago had actually been cleared for release:

The independent arbiter tasked with inspecting documents seized in an FBI search of Donald Trump’s Florida home said on Tuesday he intends to push briskly through the review process and appeared skeptical of Trump lawyers’ reluctance to say whether they believed the records had been declassified.

McConnell knew many of his rank-and-file were torn over how to handle the situation — and that in their uncertainty, they would look to him for guidance. If he declared the trial to be constitutional, breaking with Trump in the process, he could set the stage for a party mutiny, helping the GOP turn the page on Trump for good. It was an appealing prospect: conviction could enable the Senate to bar Trump from holding office again — and McConnell didn’t ever want Trump in office again.

But in all his years as GOP leader, McConnell had never led such a rebellion. And that day, he wasn’t sure he was up to the task.

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