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TutorHero secures £50k backing from Innovate UK

Innovate UK has awarded £50,000 to TutorHero, a revolutionary machine learning tutoring tool designed to help students catch up on lost learning during lockdown.

TutorHero, the brainchild of Plymouth couple Beth Parsons and Lewis Boyles-White, is designed to be almost 75% cheaper than existing alternatives by utilising new technologies such as machine learning alongside traditional tutoring techniques.

The funding will allow TutorHero, developed directly in response to the coronavirus pandemic, to help primary school students and their parents by providing tailored learning plans to suit each individual child’s needs so they can learn in their own way.

The platform, which still in development will aid students in adapting to the new normal by allowing a single tutor to help a larger number of tutees, delivering 95% of learning from pre-recorded interactive video content. The platform will monitor progress of students, checking for consistencies and flagging misconceptions in learning that require manual one-to-one intervention from an education professional.

TutorHero is designed specifically to be affordable for schools and families who previously were unable to pay for labour intensive one-to-one sessions, thereby democratising the provision of catch-up tutoring.

Lewis, MD of software development company CoreBlue and the technological nous behind the project, said,“We believe that TutorHero has the potential to bring true educational equality right across the UK, all from the comfort of the students’ homes.

“The funding from Innovate UK will allow us to unlock further developments that help students catch up with their learning faster and more efficiently than through traditional and more costly methods.”

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