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UK coronavirus live: Angela Rayner attacks Boris Johnson at PMQs over testing and care homes

News updates: Labour leader out of self-isolation but not in time for PMQs; testing shortage could lead to ‘lockdown by default’, says teaching union head

  • Schoolchildren should be next in line for Covid tests, says Buckland
  • Families having to ‘hack’ system to get coronavirus test
  • One coughing child – and three fruitless trips to the same test centre
  • Global coronavirus updates – live
  • See all our coronavirus coverage

Nicola Sturgeon has warned that it is “highly likely that cases of serious illness and death will rise in the weeks to come” if community transmission of coronavirus continues, emphasising how important it is for people to limit their interactions “as much as possible to stem that spread”.

At her media briefing, Scotland’s first minister said that there were 267 positive tests yesterday, along with one death, adding that “cases are rising and we absolutely can’t afford to be complacent about that”.

The SNP’s Martyn Day asks what Johnson will do to honour the promise he made last year to take a fresh look at the plight of the Waspi women.

Johnson says he will look at this.

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