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How to Save on Your Next Device

Smartphones, Smart TVs, Tablets – the list goes on when it comes to devices that we want and use daily. New models come out, our old ones get slow and clunky, and it is only a matter of time before you need to upgrade. Doing so without checking on discount codes, deals, or financing options is a wasted opportunity. There are so many ways for you to save on your next big tech device from the giants like Samsung or Sony, and you will find all the best tips here:


1.   Upgrade What You Can


A great way to save, at least on items like PCs, is to upgrade instead of outright replace. Not every device can do this. Televisions, Apple products, and gaming consoles are all very limited when it comes to upgrades, but if you can always take that route. PC upgrades can cost hundreds per piece, but when you look at the upgrade cost to the cost of a full replacement, it’s pennies in comparison.


2.   Wait for the Big Sales


There are several big sales throughout the year, and those are the perfect time to buy some of the bigger ticket items. Televisions and monitors, in particular, can see some huge discounts you will want to scoop up before they’re gone. Other options, like gaming consoles, don’t see such huge drastic discounts, and when they do, you can expect a flurry of chaos and people try to get in on the action.


3.   Always Check for Discount Codes


Even if you’re buying a device on sale, always check if there are any discount codes before checking out. Discount codes are available at all times, around the year. You can find Samsung discount codes online during sale season and on a random Tuesday. Some will work, others won’t. It takes just a few seconds to look online and copy a discount code, and you can end up saving on shipping or on the item itself.


4.   Trade-In Older Devices


Another way to save big on new devices is to trade in your older phone simply. You could get up to £350 towards your next Samsung phone if you trade in your old one, for example, and that is money for a phone you will not be using any more. You’ll never be able to get that kind of deal selling it second hand, so trade-in and see what sort of credit you can get towards your next device.


5.   Use Financing Deals


There may not be sales, but there may be financing deals. So long as you have good credit and a long enough credit history, you can apply for some great deals. Some of the best allows you to make repayments for the first year or so without any interest, meaning you can just spread out the cost without paying more. It is a win-win for those who would benefit from spreading out the cost of those bigger ticket items.


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