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Tina Turner remembered by Mad Max director George Miller: ‘She was the opposite of a diva’

The Australian director shares his memories of working with Turner on Beyond Thunderdome and the start of their friendship

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When someone was such a life force, you don’t expect them to go. Of course it happens to everybody, but Tina was quite something.

When we made Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, I knew her music like everyone else, but it was her persona that drew me to her – particularly for the role [of Aunty Entity]. I knew where the music came from, where her power came from. In this Mad Max wasteland, anyone who survives, let alone becomes a dominant force, has had to survive a lot of things that would normally diminish a person. Every time we talked about Aunty Entity as we were writing, we’d say: “Oh, someone like Tina Turner.” She was the only person we could think of. And sure enough, she was the only person we ever asked.

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