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Trump insists ‘I concede nothing’ after tweeting that Biden ‘won’ – live coverage

The president’s scattershot comments came in a morning Twitter blitz in which he also lashed out at Fox News

  • Arrests as Trump supporters assemble, rejecting Biden victory
  • Million Maga March: Trump fans rage against dying of the light
  • Democrats divided: Biden win brings end to uneasy truce
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The US recorded 166,555 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, down on more than 184,000 on Friday but still its second-highest daily total and a 12th day in a row of more than 100,000.

One expert said the approach of the crowded and travel-heavy holiday season left him “terrified” .

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Fox News viewers were given a dose of legal reality on Sunday morning from constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe.

The Harvard law professor appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss Donald Trump’s legal challenges to the results of the presidential election.

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