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Donald Trump has been defeated. But Trumpism could be here to stay | Geoffrey Kabaservice

The banner of Trumpism may once again fly over the White House if Democrats don’t address mistakes of the past

Finita la commedia. Donald Trump soon will be gone from the White House, if not from the news or our collective unconscious. But will Trumpism outlast Trump? And if so, what will be the impact of post-2020 Trumpism on the conservative movement and the Republican party?

Even though Trump often struggled to articulate his philosophy, if it can even be called that, his original campaign in 2016 proceeded from a number of key insights. The most important was that ever since the neoliberal era began in the 1980s, America had become two nations, divided by geography and class. The rift, as in most developed countries, grew between knowledge workers in the prosperous and socially progressive metropolitan areas that formed the hubs of the new global economy, and the conservative, non-college-educated inhabitants of rural areas and post-industrial towns.

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