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We were told Joe Biden was the ‘safe choice’. But it was risky to offer so little | Naomi Klein

A great many people did not vote for Joe Biden, they voted against Trump. We have to recognise how narrow this win was

  • Naomi Klein delivered her election analysis at a Haymarket event on Friday night. This is an abridged transcript of remarks. You can watch the event here

These have been a harrowing few days. And these days have been more harrowing than they should have been. As we all know, Joe Biden won the Democratic primaries based on the claim that he was the safest bet to beat Donald Trump. But even if the Democratic party base was much more politically aligned with Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren, in their support for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, for racial justice, the party was sure that Bernie Sanders was too risky. And so, as we all remember, they banded together and gave us Biden.

But I think that after days of gnawing our fingers down to the quick, it’s fair to say that Biden was not safe at all, as we always knew. Not safe for the planet, not safe for the people on the front lines of police violence, not safe for the millions upon millions of people who are seeking asylum, but also not even safe as a candidate.

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