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‘It’s not up to him’: how media outlets plan to sidestep any Trump ‘victory’ news

With reports that the president intends to make a premature speech, newsrooms across the US are bracing for misinformation

• US election day 2020 – follow live updates

Newsrooms across the United States are bracing for a potentially volatile election night, after reports suggested that Donald Trump is planning to declare “victory” on Tuesday even before results from critical battleground states have been determined.

The president’s reported intention to make a premature – and potentially false – victory speech by the end of Tuesday night, with large numbers of mail-in ballots yet to be counted, has provoked intense journalistic debate. TV channels would be under pressure to air such an event on grounds that it is “news”, while aware that it amounted to dangerous misinformation that could stir violence across the nation and undermine the democratic process.

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