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Compodium makes confidential virtual spaces a reality with encrypted and authenticated video collaboration

Compodium, the leading provider of secure and reliable digital meeting spaces, has announced the launch of Vidicue, a video collaboration solution that helps organisations secure and authenticate external communications with customers.

The award-winning unified communications company’s new military grade, enterprise-class, secure video collaboration solution provides dual authentication to ensure compliance with data and privacy regulations when sharing private, sensitive or regulated information externally over video.

Available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Vidicue, unlike other video conferencing solutions, offers complete end-to-end encryption and full authentication for all participants, bringing a new level of trust, security, and innovation to digital video conversations.

Designed to meet the needs of regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services, legal, and education, as well as any large enterprise or public sector organisation, Vidicue fills a stark gap in the market for secure, encrypted and fully authenticated video conferencing. Vidicue enables organisations to reliably and securely communicate with external parties over video, even when conversations involve private, sensitive or regulated information. The solution provides seamless call flow functionality and virtual waiting rooms, while significantly minimising the risk of financial, legal, and reputational damage associated with a violation of privacy laws and data regulations.

With Vidicue, the identity of every video call participant – whether that’s a doctor, patient, carer, interpreter, customer service advisor, or corporate board member – is fully authenticated before the video call is initiated. The process is simple, and authentication is from both sides – for example, for the doctor and patient – providing a dual layer of trust. A customer is sent a link, which prompts them to download the Vidicue Meeting App. Once authenticated, the customer is directed to a virtual waiting room ready for the host (e.g. care giver) to call them into the meeting room, which exists only for the duration of the conversation.

A rapidly growing market

Compodium has grown rapidly in 2020, accelerating the launch of Vidicue at a time of significant international expansion for the company and driving investment across Sweden, Nordics, U.K, Europe, Middle East and Africa, with key management, sales, and technical resources scheduled for onboarding throughout 2020 and 2021.

This move is supported by rapid growth in the market for video conferencing. Worth $8bn in March 2019, the market was predicted to grow 12% to $14bn by 2023*. However, widespread adoption of video conferencing by both businesses and consumers over the COVID-19 crisis has shifted this dramatically – the total addressable market is now expected to reach $43bn by 2022**.

“The global pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and highlighted a clear need for a new type of video conferencing solution – one that provides the kind of military grade, enterprise-class encryption required by heavily regulated industries and large organisations that prioritise security,” said Amit Walia, EVP, Managing Partner at Compodium. “There can be no doubt that we have swiftly entered a new digital meeting age in 2020 and many organisations are realising that conventional video conferencing solutions do not meet the business requirements or safety expectations of their customers,” continued Walia.

As a platform agnostic and easily integrated solution, Vidicue enables any organisation to make a seamless shift to secure, encrypted and authenticated virtual video meetings. The Vidicue SaaS solution includes a control and monitoring centre, queue and call flow management, and payment system integration. The solution is available to use on any computer or mobile device and can be accessed through a web browser or the dedicated Vidicue Mobile App. While applications for secure, encrypted and fully authenticated video conferencing are broad and diverse, key use cases include:

• Medical, legal and financial consultations
• Customer service enquiries
• Virtual board meetings
• Public consultations with government departments

“We have seen a huge rise in demand for unified communications and collaboration tools in recent months, but the diverse and fragmented market means many organisations are now facing significant challenges with compatibility, quality of service, balancing the high costs of video conferencing infrastructure costs with the surge in usage capacity, and – most importantly – security,” continued Walia.

“Vidicue solves the problem of interoperability and cost-effectiveness, while ensuring complete security and authentication for digital video meetings,” concluded Walia.

*Frost &Sullivan, Global Video Conferencing Market Analysis, Forecast to 2023, January 2019
**IDC, Worldwide Unified Communications and Collaboration Forecast, 2020–2024, May 2020

To find out more, please visit www.vidicue.com

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