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Coronavirus live: Netherlands cases rise by more than 500% after reopening; South Korea tightens curbs

Netherlands sees huge surge in cases after scraping nearly all restrictions; South Korea reports 1,615 new cases as distancing rules tightened

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Another quick quote from UK transport secretary Grant Shapps’ media appearances this morning. He warned on BBC Breakfast that some countries on the green list for travel could be moved to the amber list.

PA note that reports have suggested the Government is considering moving the Spanish Balearic islands back to amber a fortnight after they were cleared for quarantine-free travel, and quote him saying:

We review these every three weeks. I hope we have made very clear to everybody when booking trips at the moment there is always the chance that countries will move around.

Some countries may go to the red list, some countries may go to the green, but some may move the other way to the amber list.

I mentioned earlier the frustration in Australia over large queues for Covid tests after the New South Wales government ordered essential workers in the Fairfield LGA to get tested every three days. Here’s our video report from on the ground there.

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